Oct 30, 2022

Halloween 2022

This Doodle’s Key Themes

Two teams of ghosts, one green and one purple, gather in front of a black haunted house to compete in a game.
The Story

About the Halloween 2022 Doodle

The Great Ghoul Duel Team


 Olivia When

Nate Swinehart

Ben Tobias

Emily Barrera

Anthony Irwin

| 2018 Doodle | 

Diana Tran



Jacob Howcroft

Conner Lane

Daniel Hirsch

 David Lu

 Mark Ivey

Stephanie Gu

 Jordan Thompson

Jonathan Shneier

Tom Tabanao

| 2018 Doodle | 

Ben McMahan

 Brian Murray

Brandon DeRosier

Monica Rodriguez

Katlyn Edwards



Producer | Brenna Fallon

Music/Sound | aivi & surasshu, Stemage, Conner Lane

Marketing | Perla Campos, Sierra Menzies

Business Affairs & Partnerships | Madeline Belliveau

Doodle Team Leads | Jessica Yu, Brian Kaas

| 2018 Doodle |

Producer | Colin Duffy, My-Linh Le


Product Manager | Micah Baker

Solutions Architect | Joseph Holley

Marketing | Laith Massarweh, Shana Matthews

Professional Services | Nita Meng

Where this Doodle appeared

The Doodle Halloween 2022 launched Oct 30, 2022

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